Catch and Release Tournaments Only Work if You Care!

This is a lot like watching a person get mugged. While the anglers who caught and “released” this fish are completely inept, the person handling the camera should have been trying to do something for the fish as well. It saddens me to see this as it only makes you wonder how many other species of fish suffer the same fate by handlers who don’t really care about the fish. The IGFA as the sanctioning body of these events needs to take a MUCH larger role in ensuring the same release of these and all fish in their tournaments.

This also leads to the issue of world record catches on small tippets. How exactly does one expect to land a large fish of any species on super small tippet which typically requires a prolonged battle with the fish and then expect to release it to live? 

It is a hard pill to swallow when an organization claims it cares about conservation but then doubles back on this statement and so outwardly promotes angling for large fish on extremely light “terminal” gear.

Part 2 coming soon.

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