Wild Fish Works

From the filmmaker:

"Wild salmon and steelhead are important to more than just anglers. They represent significant social, cultural and economic ties up and down the Oregon coast. Over the past year, Alan Moore and I worked to explore a few different examples of these connections. Wild Fish Works: Oregon Coast is the result. We hope that angling and non-angling viewers will consider their own connections to wild fish where they live, and explore the unique ways these fish manifest themselves across regions, communities and landscapes.

Wild Fish Works’ message is non-political and positive: Where people, businesses, communities, conservation and landowners work together, Oregon’s wild salmon, steelhead and trout heritage WORKS. Notably, the specification of “wild” fish in this context is NOT an anti-hatchery statement; rather, we call for more focus on the importance and attainability of conserving the wild fish reserves we still have, and the positive returns that even small investments in wild fish conservation can bring for Oregon. This is the “how” of Wild Fish Works.

Agriculture and ranch lands, and other resource-dependent businesses don’t need to change hands, alter operations dramatically, or become outdoor recreation playgrounds for the urban crowd to foster wild fish. They can stay largely the same with wild fish using them, and perhaps even enhance values and pay quality-of-life dividends for people willing to welcome the fish. The fish pretty much take care of the rest.”

original content Russ Schnitzer

Mystic Lake

Some SUP fly fishing in a very beautiful place somewhere in Europe.  SUP is such a great way to access and be “in” an environment with very little impact on it or the surroundings.

original content Nejc Miljak

Dry Fly

Just a fun and easy little trip through some time on the water fishin’ dries  on the Muskegon River in Michigan and enjoying the outdoors, just what the soul needs.

original content Capt. Steven Kuieck

Solo Free Climber/Angler

This is something we believe fits completely in line with how people should view fly angling.  Fly fishing can but doesn’t have to be an all inclusive or this or nothing type of sport.  In fact quite the opposite.  Whether snow shoeing, climbing, backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking or just about any other outdoor sport, even rock climbing, fly fishing has a place alongside all of these.  Written by Chris Van Leuven, this story embraces the relationship between rock and water in both sport and nature:

"It’s sunrise in Yosemite. The rising sun slowly casts light up the 3,000-foot mass of El Capitan directly across the Valley. Chad Shepard, John Lloyd and I begin climbing up The Gunsight, a steep and technical 600-foot route between Lower and Middle Cathedral Rocks. John and I have a rope, rack and climbing shoes. Thirty-seven-year-old Chad, a park local, is in tight-fitting sticky approach shoes. Around his waist is merely a chalk bag, tied on with a thin piece of cord. On his back, he wears a small pack with his fishing equipment."

Read the rest here Chad Sheppard, Climber/Angler…

Written by Chris Van Leuven
Photo by John Lloyd

The Elwha is Free

It finally has happened, the final blast to remove the remainder of the Glines Canyon Dam occurred on August 26th…this river now flows complete uninterrupted from its headwaters to its confluence with Puget Sound.  This allows free passage of all anadromous fish, stopped for 100 years to finally return to their ancestors spawning grounds. 

original content John Gussman

Fish Mission - Cape Cod

A view from above and below of a banner day on the Cape.  Footage from one of our newest Patagonia Ambassadors the one and only Dr. Andy Danylchuk…enjoy!

original content Moldy Chum

From Our Ambassadors