Solo Free Climber/Angler

This is something we believe fits completely in line with how people should view fly angling.  Fly fishing can but doesn’t have to be an all inclusive or this or nothing type of sport.  In fact quite the opposite.  Whether snow shoeing, climbing, backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking or just about any other outdoor sport, even rock climbing, fly fishing has a place alongside all of these.  Written by Chris Van Leuven, this story embraces the relationship between rock and water in both sport and nature:

"It’s sunrise in Yosemite. The rising sun slowly casts light up the 3,000-foot mass of El Capitan directly across the Valley. Chad Shepard, John Lloyd and I begin climbing up The Gunsight, a steep and technical 600-foot route between Lower and Middle Cathedral Rocks. John and I have a rope, rack and climbing shoes. Thirty-seven-year-old Chad, a park local, is in tight-fitting sticky approach shoes. Around his waist is merely a chalk bag, tied on with a thin piece of cord. On his back, he wears a small pack with his fishing equipment."

Read the rest here Chad Sheppard, Climber/Angler…

Written by Chris Van Leuven
Photo by John Lloyd

The Elwha is Free

It finally has happened, the final blast to remove the remainder of the Glines Canyon Dam occurred on August 26th…this river now flows complete uninterrupted from its headwaters to its confluence with Puget Sound.  This allows free passage of all anadromous fish, stopped for 100 years to finally return to their ancestors spawning grounds. 

original content John Gussman

Fish Mission - Cape Cod

A view from above and below of a banner day on the Cape.  Footage from one of our newest Patagonia Ambassadors the one and only Dr. Andy Danylchuk…enjoy!

original content Moldy Chum

Wild Reverence Film Tour

The Wild Steelhead Coalition is proud to present, with support from Patagonia, a seven-city film tour featuring North Fork Studios/Shane Anderson’s Wild Reverence. In ten days the tour will kick off in Spokane and then head to Bozeman and Boise before making its way back for some west coast venues. The goal of the film and the tour is to raise awareness and a call to action to protect wild steelhead and their habitat.

Tickets for all the shows are available via Ticket River and links are provided below. Following the screening in Seattle there will be a tour wrap party hosted by Tini Bigs which is just a short walk from the theater.

This movie will put things into perspective for you if you have wondered or doubted the hype and reverse hype of how “good” the steelheading is in certain parts right now.  Available on Vimeo on Demand as well.

original content North Fork Studios


For steelhead anglers this is the ultimate club to join…first fish, first swung fish, first big fish, swung skated dry fish…once in the door of this club, it is hard to leave!

original content Fly Fishing Fantasies

Flying Fish

Not to be mistaken for fly fishing but none the less, many have heard and read stories about them, here they are…fly fish!  I have always wanted to tie a fly to replicate this action as I can just imagine GT’s amongst other species going absolutely ape over it.

original content Sequence Films

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