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As spring approaches I would guess that nearly every fly angler in the northern hemisphere is pretty excited to get back into the swing of t-shirts, hatches, trout on dry flies and the sound of moving water past our feet. We are almost there everyone!

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Fly Fishing Collaborative

There is no doubt in my mind that our sport, while cultish and solitary at times, is also one of the most generous on the planet. Here, a group of fly anglers from Oregon have taken on a unique issue and they’re asking for our help. More to come on this but you should watch and check their site. It’s a very noteworthy endeavor.

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There are few in the fly fishing community who have, through the decades, stood their ground and stayed the course according to their beliefs and passions. Kerry Burkheimer is one of those souls. Today, he is considered one of the most respected rod builders and proponents of thoughtful, science-based management of our PNW fisheries, unafraid to speak up and put his name out there when it matters. Respect!

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Simple Dry Fly Fishing

Longtime Patagonia ambassador and owner of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, Craig Mathews goes over the tactics employed when using Tenkara with a dry fly. Craig worked closely with Yvon Chouinard to develop Patagonia’s new Simple Fly Fishing package.

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Mayfly Eggs - Laid to Hatch

For our sport, entomology is a giant part of success, particularly in the trout world. Each angler has the opportunity to delve as deep into the science as they like or keep it fairly cursory.  Either way, this amazing video shows how quickly these exceptionally tiny eggs hatch after being deposited.  

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Il Trofeo

Shot in B&W, our friends in Italy take you for a jaunt in their part of the world with some great footage on some of their favorite water. Got to love planet Earth, endless water possibilities.

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