Flying Fish

Not to be mistaken for fly fishing but none the less, many have heard and read stories about them, here they are…fly fish!  I have always wanted to tie a fly to replicate this action as I can just imagine GT’s amongst other species going absolutely ape over it.

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One Good Cast

This is a quickie!  Can only imagine the self imposed pressure of trying to fish this little spring creek, wow!  That said, with challenges typically come rewards, especially in the fly fishing world.

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Trutta - Fly fishing in Spain and France

Pristine water with wild trout exists all over the place and in the mountains between France and Spain are an abundance filled with fantastically clear water and wild browns. 

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The Three-Year Trout

In many ways, this is the pulse of our sport: adventure into the unknown. It sounds cliché but the harder you work for something the sweeter the result. This video embodies that spirit.

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Texas Redfish

The Lower Laguna Madre is a hyper-saline bay on the southeastern tip of Texas.  Over 400 square miles in area, the estuary has almost no fluid exchange with the Gulf of Mexico to the east.  It receives most of its fresh water input from the Arroyo Colorado River, a gentle flow of water that winds its way through the agricultural lands of the surrounding citrus groves.  A critical nursery for the booming redfish population in the laguna, as well as a nursery for tarpon and the trophy spotted sea trout that thrive in the laguna, this body of water is threatened by high levels of phosphorous that are a result of agricultural fertilizer runoff in the region.  Despite this fact, the habitat remains relatively healthy, yet very threatened.  Read the rest of the story on Brian’s blog…Brian Irwin Media.

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Student Work/Fly Fish Program

In October of 1998 Hurricane Mitchell devastated the island of Guanaja, Honduras. Over the course of 4 days the hurricane stalled out right on top of the small island. During this time, the ecosystem was damaged badly. The mangrove forests took the hardest impact. A large portion of the islands once flourishing mangrove forests did not survive the storm. The ecosystem has not been able to properly recover on its own. Today Fly Fish Guanaja pushes forward with efforts to help rehab the islands mangrove population back to its former glory. Through the efforts of the Student work program, young men and women from all over come together to propagate, plant, and restore the Mangrove forests. Over the course of a week, each team of students spends time not only working with the mangroves, but also hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, repelling the fresh water waterfall, snorkeling, spearfishing the invasive lion fish, and of course, fly fishing for many different species of coveted game fish such as Tarpon, Permit, Snook, & Bonefish.

This sport can lead to so much more than most give it credit for.

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